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EXPO 2015 - official logo

EXPO 2015 – official logo

Cga Industrial Carpentry has contributed in building part of the Expo 2015 Enel pavillion, iron structures in particular.

The carpentry includes a boardwalk with various rises and 16 different radiuses, 2 structures called Control Room and Vip Lounge.


View from above the working site of the Enel pavillion’s iron structure

In the Control Room it’s possible to control the real-time energy consumption of all Expo area’s pavillions and the presentations of the innovative projects related to the ecological sustainability of the global energy needs.

The Vip Lounge instead is a place for meetings and events concerning a wide range of topics.

The most complex part of the creation (wich was revealed to be 120.000 Kg weight) was the building and laying of the metal cobweb in support of more than 600 lighting poles of the “Smart Grid”, an operation that required the use of more than 10.000 different details.

Read the article on the “L’Eco di Bergamo” newspaper:

28-04-2015 Pag. 12-13 on L’Eco di Bergamo